9:00 – 10:30     Registration & Welcome Coffee & Refreshments

10:30 - 10:35      Safety briefing & Instructions

10:35 - 11:00       Mr. Alp Ozdenler – ChemOrbis, CEO

                          “Welcome address” 

11:00 - 11:35        Mr. Clive Gibson, Vice President, Nexant Asia

 "Crude Oil, Naphtha and Upstream (ethylene and propylene) Markets"

- How do low oil prices impact the ethylene investment landscape?
- Gas versus liquids versus coal – who’s “advantaged” now?
 - The on-purpose propylene supply explosion
 - Impact on aromatics

11:35 - 12:10        Mr. Andrew Lee Fagg, Principal, Nexant Asia

"Global Polyolefins Markets"

- Update on global and regional capacities, new investments and trade balance
- Review of new market developments and future growth prospects
 - impact of low cost feedstock regions and world economy on global supply and demand

12:10 - 14:00         Q&A - Session 1, Lucky Draw, Networking Lunch

14:00 - 14:30          Mr. Frank Ye - CHEM1 Consulting, Partner

 “Role of Coal as a Feedstock and Analysis of future coal based China Polyolefin, PVC and PET market”

- Status of China Coal Polymers Industry (Capacities, Trade Balance, strategies, Op rates, etc)
 - Where does Coal stand as a feedstock today in China and what will future bring with cheaper crude oil prices?
- How does Petrochemical Industry in China cope with increasing environmental pressures and whether industry consolidation will really take place and what will be the impact, on China, region and Globally?

14:30 - 15:00    Mr. Mirza Kadic – ChemOrbis – Business Development Director

 “Iranian Petrochemical Industry, Impact of Sanctions and Future”

- Current status of the Iranian Petrochemicals
- Sanctions, its history, impact and how fast things can go back to “normal”
- Iran’s ambitions in global markets and challenges to achieve it

15:00 - 15:30         Mr. Mark Mirosevic-Sorgo - Quincannon Asia Pte Limited, Managing Director

 “Logistic and Shipping for Chemicals and Petrochemicals “

- Impact of lower energy and crude prices on global shipping
- How will decreased incentive for shale gas, in line with crude prices crash, impact ship and terminal building for exports from US to Europe and other demand regions?
- Are there any new logistics and shipping solutions for petrochemicals and polymers on the horizon? Can better logistics management save some of what bad market takes away?

15:30 - 16:15        Q&A - Session 2, Lucky Draw,  Coffee & Refreshments

16:15- 16:45          Mr. Dinh Ngoc Tan – OPEC Plastics – Regional Director for Asia-Pacific Markets

 “Vietnam Petrochemical Industry Opportunities and Challenges”

- Current status of the Vietnam Petrochemicals
- Trade balances, growth and potential
- Vietnam as a part of SEA

16:45- 17:15           Mr. Frank Ye - CHEM1 Consulting, Partner

 “Asia PVC with focus on China Perspective"

- Comparison between ethylene and coal based PVC cost structures
- Update on capacities, utilization, and government policies
- The future of demand for PVC in China

17:15 - 17:45         Mr. Dhiraj Sharda, PT. Indorama Polypet Indonesia, Marketing Head (PET- Indonesia)

 "PET - the most versatile polymer"

- PET Feedstocks (global or regional snapshot, Supply-Demand, New capacities, Trade Flows)
- PET Applications, current breakdown and new apps in development
- Recycling, perspective and competitive assessment with lower production costs and overcapacity for virgin material
- IVL initiatives and efforts towards PET recycling
- About IVL

17:45 - 18:20         Mr. Avdo Niksic - Nick – ChemOrbis – Asia Chief Rep

 “SEA Market Outlook 2017 and beyond”

- Current status
- Upcoming capacities and impact on trade balances
- SEA relationship with FEA, India and Middle East

18:20- 18:30    Q&A - Session 3, Lucky Draw

18:30- 19:00   Networking Cocktail Reception

19:00 - 23:00   Gala Dinner



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